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Fun Double Exposure Effect In Photoshop

There’s lots of ways to create a double exposure effect. We will mainly be focusing on blending two images together cleanly. This tutorial is...

Old Vintage Effect In Photoshop

Turn one of your favorite portraits into an old vintage photograph. We will be mainly applying adjustment layers and a texture to give that old...

Realistic Metal Text Effect

Learn how to turn any font into a realistic shiny metal look. This tutorial is super easy. We will mainly be focusing on the...

Photoshop CC – Text Portrait Effect [ CS7 ]

This creative Photoshop effect teaches you how to create a text portrait effect. Also known as typography. You can really do many fun things in...

Turn your image into a drawing using Photoshop

Learn how to turn your portrait into a drawing with a few simple steps.

Learn how to create nice glowing neon lines in Photoshop

Learn how to create awesome neon lines in Photoshop. The main tools used are the Pen Tool and Blending Options.