In this Photoshop Tutorial, I will show you how to turn your image into a realistic painting. It’s fairly simple. We’ll be using Filters, Filter Gallery, then we’ll hop into the camera raw settings to do some final adjustments. There’s many ways to create this effect including using the Oil Paint Filter. Although that’s not always a choice. So I’ve shared this simple technique. I hope you found some use for it.

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A Quick Summary – Realistic Paint Effect in Photoshop

We’ll be adding our image into Photoshop – Sharpening the image – adding a Diffuse Filter. Then we’ll be using the Filter Gallery to add some Paint Daubs to the image. Then we’ll be jumping into the Camera Raw Settings to adjust the sharpness & noise. This will finalize the effect. You can also use the Noise Reduction filter option, which looks great as well.

Realistic Paint Effect using Photoshop

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