Pixel Explosion Effect In Photoshop

Pixel Explosion Effect Photoshop

Create your very own Pixel Explosion Effect in Photoshop. We’ll be creating our own square brushes, which we can use for later use. We’ll also be working with masks, blending options and your other basic tools. This tutorial is suitable for beginning levels. It’s fun to create! I hope you enjoy. 

What is this effect?

What is a “Pixel Explosion Effect?” Well it’s fairly self explanatory. It’s similar to a Dispersion Effect, just with “pixels.” I will show you how to create the pixels using Photoshop brushes, You also have the option to save them for later use.

Download this video tutorial for less then a cup of coffee. All proceeds from this tutorial & others will go to future Photoshop Tutorials and Website costs! Thank you to all who has contributed to our hard work, and future thanks to those who do. Love you guys!


Pixel Explosion

This pixel explosion effect has received over 1 million views on YouTube! I can’t believe it.

Really cool effect! I’m a beginner and I completed it no problem.