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Newspaper Photo Effect in Photoshop

In today’s episode I will show you how to create a newspaper photo effect in Photoshop. We’ll be working with free stock images, basic Photoshop tools such as adjustment layers, masks, gradients and more. We’ll be cutting out our main model image, adding a newspaper texture for the background. Blending newspaper and a crumpled paper texture to…

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Tutorials Autumn Photo Effect

Autumn Photo Effect: Tutorial

Learn how to create an Autumn Photo effect using Photoshop. We’ll be using the basic tools in this episode such as adjustment layers, blending options, groups,  stocks and other tools. This effect is great for turning green summer images into autumn days! It’s fairly simple and beginner friendly. We also created an action for this…

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Beautiful Underwater Scene in Photoshop

Create a beautiful underwater scene in Photoshop. We’ll be working with a few stocks, such as an underwater image, model, tree branches and bubbles. We’re going to be working with adjustment layers to achieve unique vintage color styles and of course a few textures to make it look more real. There’s many extra things you can add…

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