MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K: Review


The MGCOOL Explorer Pro sports camera is a A+ purchase if you’re on a budget. 4k resolution at 30/fps!!

Most people are looking for high quality for cheap! Which is sometimes difficult to find. This camera supports 4K resolution, which looks stunning. One of my favorite features is the 120/FPS slow motion option at 720P. The battery life normally lasts about 100+ minutes running 4k recordings and takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge. Which is pretty good. The design looks great. I found the wifi setting came in very handy, when connecting it to your cell phone. This package came with a waterproof case, so you can jump in the water right away! Lets take into consideration, the price of this gadget. Starting at 50CAD.


General Information

  • Brand Name: MGCOOL
  • Type of Camera: 4K
  • Function: Time Lapse,Waterproof,WiFi,Camera Timer
  • Application: Extreme Sports,Ski,Underwater
  • Features: Wireless


I was surprised with the time lapse option that is available with this camera. Using the Ultra Wide lens makes it that much better!


I haven’t been able to use this camera to its full potential in the water yet. But I got some really nice shots in the ocean. I will try to post some on my Facebook soon!


Download the MGCOOL Explorer Pro APP for free from the Google Play Store.
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Pros and Cons

Pros – Crisp 4K video recording and Slow-Mo 120FPS at 720P. This camera comes with a waterproof case which is waterproof up to 30M. The Ultra-Wide Skarkeye lens looks amazing when shooting. It’s also has a wifi option, so you can connect it to your cell-phone which I found very handy. The battery life was great and charged fairly quickly. The price for this camera is next to unbeatable, especially with all the features this camera offers.

Cons – I don’t have very many cons. But I found that the back of the waterproof case scratches somewhat easily and it doesn’t come with internal storage, so you will need an SD-Card to start recording.

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Overall Purchase