How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop


Learn how to create a smoke animated GIF in Photoshop. We’ll be using Masks, Filters, Smart Objects and then hopping into the timeline option in Photoshop. I will also show you a quick simple way to create a loop to your video, so that the GIF can play forever without stopping. 

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Smoke Clip

There’s many different way to create a smoke animated GIF in Photoshop. I decided to go with a black & white style because I thought the final result turned out well. Plus the quality was much better than a colorized GIF using the same effect. But you can create whatever style you like. If you’ve found any of my content helpful. Please don’t hesitate to drop by our YouTube channel and subscribe for future content.

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Here’s my final GIF! @Pstutorials_tv

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