How To Create A Lens Flare In Photoshop: Non Destructively

Lens Flare Photoshop Tutorial

In this  Tutorial, I will show you how to create a lens flare in Photoshop. This technique is simple yet super effective. I will also show you how to render it on its own layer, so you have full control over what it looks like, such as color adjustments and brightness.

How to create a lens flare in Photoshop

Add the image you would like to add a Lens Flare too. I’ve found this image on
If you would like to download the image I used, you can download the image here: Female Stock Model

Step 1: Lets start off by heading up to Filter – Render then selecting Lens flare.

Step 2: You have a few options to choose from. Feel free to use whatever Lens Flare you would like to use. I will choose 50-300mm Zoom at about 100% Brightness. Position the Lens Flare. I will position the Lens Flare near the brightest part of my image. Then hit ok

Step 3: Now you have your Lens Flare added to your image. But it’s not possible to edit the Lens Flare without distorting your main image. CTRL + Z to undo the Lens Flare. Or Command + Z on Mac.

Step 4: After undoing our Lens Flare.

Step 5: Create a new adjustment layer, down at the bottom. The select solid color.

Step 6: Make sure the color is Black, then hit ok.


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