Half Sketch Effect In Photoshop

Sketch Photoshop Tutorial

In this episode, I will teach you how to create a half sketch effect. I will also show you two different ways to complete the effect. We will be working with Adjustments, the Filter Gallery, then we’ll be downloading free sketch brushes. For one of the final steps, you can download a paper texture which is optional, but it makes the final effect stand out great!

Stock Resources

View the video tutorial below, or scroll down to view the written out  tutorial with text & images.


I’ve created hundreds of tutorials in my day, this one in particular was really fun to complete. If you would like to check out my Drawing Effect Tutorial, you can do so by click here.

I’ve noticed some of you would rather see the text/image tutorial rather than the video tutorial. So I have created it just for you!

Step 1

Step 1: After adding the image into Photoshop, duplicate the image by pressing CTRL + J. Rename the new layer to “Model”

Step 2

Step 2: Right click on the Model layer – Convert to Smart Object.

Step 3

Step 3: Head up to Image – Adjustments then select Black and White.

Step 4: Keep everything set to default, then hit ok.

Step 5: Head up to Filter – Filter Gallery. Here we have many options to choose from. Select Artistic – Colored Pencil.  – Pencil Width 3 – Stroke Pressure 7 – Paper Brightness 50. Hit OK when you’re done.
If your image has color in it, make sure your foreground color is black and your background color is white.