Frequency Separation Photoshop Action


This easy to use frequency separation Photoshop actions comes with 3 useful effects, such as frequency separation, redness reducer and eye enhancements. You can alter all the effects very easily for the best settings for your photograph. After playing the action, you will notice everything is in separate groups for organization. Your main image will not be affected. Just add your image and click play!

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Frequency Separation Photoshop Action


What do you get with this Premium Photoshop Action?!


  • Frequency Separation
  • Redness & Blemish reducer
  • Eye Enhancements
  • Organized Work Path
  • Extra Notes


What exactly is frequency separation? 

when first hearing frequency separation from a beginner standpoint, it sounds difficult. But it’s actually a very simple and straight forward. All details, such as pores, wrinkles, and lines will be added to a separate layer using a high-pass filter. While colors, tones and shadows/highlights will be on another layer. We’ll basically be working under the details to bring out realistic results. Since this is a Photoshop action, all you really need to do, is click play.


How to open a Photoshop action?

  1. Make sure Actions are enabled – Window – Actions or Press ALT + F9
  2. The Action Palette will appear. At the top right – Select the little drop-down menu
  3. Select Load Actions
  4. Locate your downloaded action & open it
  5. Then click play
  6. Your action will load all the steps
This video tutorial should give you an idea, if this action will work for you.

Frequency Separation Photoshop Action

Amazing Photoshop action

I’m a beginner at Photoshop, I found it easy to use, thx!

Thanks for the frequency separation photoshop action ..