How to create a Pixelated effect in Photoshop


Learn how to create an awesome Pixelated effect using Photoshop. We’ll using Pixel brushes, filters and more.

Creating this effect was really fun! I’ll start off by using the Liquify tool to spread out the colors of the model. We’ll then create a customized pixel brush and save it for later use. We’ll apply the effect by using an easy clipping mask method. This means you won’t have to do any difficult cutouts. We’ll continue adding more pixels, then adding a slight drop shadow to all the pixels, which makes it look more as if the pixels are in front the model. Then we’ll eventually group all pixels into a group for organization. We’ll then create large blurred pixels so our final image will have some depth. For some of the final results will do some sharpening to bring out the pixels and then add a grid texture.

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Pixelated Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

In today's fun Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create a Pixelated effect by creating a customized pixel brush and using it to apply the effect. We'll be working with a few filters, blending options and thousands of pixels! Don't worry, it's not complicated. Give it a shot, tweet me your final result @pstutorials_tv and I will favorite and retweet it. Thanks guys so much for watching and showing your support. Download All Stocks Here All Stocks 40 Premium Photoshop actions for 1$ Social Media Accountsꜜ Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Audio Provided Byꜜ


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