How to Create a Cartoon Effect using Photoshop



Step 18. Change the Max. Radius to about 8 Pixels. If you’re using a smaller image. I recommend below 8, try 6. Keep the rest of the channels set to default.

step-19 layers


Step 19. After the halftone is applied. Change the Blending Mode to Soft Light. I will then bring down the layer opacity to about 30%.


Step 20. Select the top layer (Halftone) Then press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E. This will merge all visible layers.


Step 21. Make sure the Merged layer is selected. It should be the top one. Then head down to the bottom and select FX > Blending Options.


Step 22. Click on Stroke which is on the left hand side of the popup window. Here we’ll be able to create a border. Hit OK when you’re done.

Size: 10px – 40px
Position: Inside
Blend Mode: Normal
Change the Color: White.

That’s it!


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