How to Create a Cartoon Effect using Photoshop



Step 5. Once you’re done. Head over and select Output To: New Layer. This means once you press OK. You’re new selection will be on its own layer. So go ahead press OK.


Step 6. Rename your new layer to Filter Gallery. Then head up to Filter > Filter Gallery.


Step 7. Once you get into the Filter Gallery. In the Artistic tab, select Poster Edges. Here’s the settings that I’ve found that work great.

Edge Thickness: 8
Edge Intensity: 0
Posterization: 6


Step 7. (B) Here’s what the model should look like after the above settings. If not, it should look close.


Step-8-cutout settings

Step 8. Once you’re done with the poster edge settings. Head down to the bottom. You should see an option to create a new effect layer. Click on it. In the Artistic tab, this time select Cutout.

Number of Levels: 7
Edge Simplicity: 4
Edge Fidelity: 2


Step 8. (B) This is what the model looks like after the above settings.