How to Create a Cartoon Effect using Photoshop

Cartoon Effect JPG

In today’s episode, I will show you how to turn your image into a cartoon effect using only the Filter Gallery in Photoshop

Creating a Cartoon effect is always fun when using Photoshop. Sometimes you can get into great detail when using the Pen Tool. For this effect, I will just focus more on an easier route by apply the effect using only the filter gallery and a few other filters. It may look difficult, but it’s actually really simple. Give it a shot.

Download the image I used Here

Download a bunch of great talk bubbles Here

Before we get started: Be sure to use a high quality picture. You can download the one I used above.

Cartoon Effect using Photoshop


Step 1. We need to extract the model from the background. Select your Quick Selection Tool on the left. Then select the entire model by clicking and dragging. Hold ALT + Click to subtract from selection.


Step 2. Once you’re done selecting the entire model, head up to Select and Mask or select Refine Edge if you’re using an earlier version of Photoshop.

Step 3. Once you’re in the select and mask options. Make sure you have the refine radius tool selected.


Step 4. At this stage we mainly want to focus on the model’s hair right now. As you can see in the above image. The middle section is the most important.