Beautiful Underwater Scene in Photoshop

Underwater Scene in Photoshop

Create a beautiful underwater scene in Photoshop. We’ll be working with a few stocks, such as an underwater image, model, tree branches and bubbles. We’re going to be working with adjustment layers to achieve unique vintage color styles and of course a few textures to make it look more real. There’s many extra things you can add to this project, such as starfish, sunken ship ect. Have fun with this tutorial.

Stock Resources

A few important things

  • Easy to follow
  • All stocks and resources and free
  • Suitable for beginning levels
  • Text & Video Tutorial
  • Adjust playback speed (Chrome)
  • Closed Captions (CC)

Some tools we’ll be using

  1. Adjustment layers
  2. Masks
  3. Pen Tool or Quick Selection Tool
  4. Gradient Maps
  5. Photo Filters
  6. Brushes

Title: Beautiful underwater scene in Photoshop

Underwater scene in Photoshop

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