55+ Premium Photoshop Actions (Updated)

55 Photoshop Actions

Enjoy over 55 Premium Photoshop actions for less than 1 cup of coffee. We have a 99.9% positive rating on this product. You have the option of paying what you want. 


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We put together some really cool, useful actions. Some actions are actually sold separately for $3 or more. But we through them in as well. Some of the actions are 3D Effects, Frequency Separation, Drawing effect, Rain fall effect and much more. All funds from purchases will go to website costs, and future tutorials.


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Here’s some of the actions you will get!

  1. 3D Effects
  2. Powerful Frequency Separation (Flawless Skin)
  3. Solar Effect
  4. Rain Fall Effect
  5. Drawing & Sketch Effect
  6. Sepia x 3 Effects
  7. Color toning (Warm and Cold)
  8. Autumn Effect
  9. Glitch Effects
  10. Gritty Portrait
  11. Dramatic Black & White
  12. Soft Glow Effect
  13. Vintage Color Tones
  14. Portrait Sharpening


  • You can use these actions on any amount of images
  • Easy to use – One simple click
  • Premium Actions
  • These actions have only been released here
  • PhotoshopTutorials.TV verified
  • Instructions included

These actions are very simple to install and use. Even if you’re new to Photoshop.


55 Premium Photoshop Actions Download


Pay what you want!

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 Premium Photoshop Actions

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How to open a Photoshop action?

  1. Make sure Actions are enabled – Window – Actions or Press ALT + F9
  2. The Action Palette will appear. At the top right – Select the little drop-down menu
  3. Select Load Actions
  4. Locate your downloaded action & open it
  5. Then click play
  6. Your action will load all the steps