10 Glitch Photoshop Actions: Free Download


Download 10 awesome glitch Photoshop actions. These actions are really simple to use. You can also use more than 1 glitch action on image. Experiment with different actions for desired results.

Photoshop actions are really handy, especially when editing multiply images. Each action takes 2-3 seconds to complete. Which is super quick.

Action styles

  • Pixel Sorting + Glitch
  • TV Glitch with TV Lines
  • Dispersion/Pixel Sort Glitch
  • RGB Glitch
  • Grid Glitch
  • and Much more
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    Grid Glitch Effect

    Pixel Sorting Glitch Effect


    How to open a Photoshop action?

    1. Make sure Actions are enabled – Window – Actions or Press ALT + F9
    2. The Action Palette will appear. At the top right – Select the little drop-down menu
    3. Select Load Actions
    4. Locate your downloaded action & open it
    5. Then click play
    6. Your action will load all the steps