10 Amazing Photoshop Actions on Envato Elements



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Here’s a list of 10 amazing Photoshop actions that you must have!

It was very difficult narrowing them down. But here’s 10!


Sandstorm Photoshop Action – How does it work? Simply paint in the area you want to apply the sandstorm, then hit play! That simple.


Architekt 2 Photoshop Action – Fill in the subject with color, then hit play.

Architekt-2 Action

Double Exposure Photoshop Action – Easy to set up and comes with a video tutorial.


Amazing Glitch Photoshop Action – Create an horror type glitch effect. One click action!


Grunge 2 Photoshop Action – Simply paint in the subject and hit play!


Moonstone Photoshop Action – Very easy to use. Fill in the subject – Hit play on the Photoshop action.

CineStock Photoshop Actions – Apply stunning cinematic effects to your images. This set comes with 18 actions!


Vulcanum – Fire & Ashes Photoshop Action – Very simple to use – This effects creates a volcano, fire type effect and looks amazing.


Powerful Animated Smoke Photoshop Action – Add realistic moving smoke to your image, It works with any photo and comes with 10 Color Fx. Video Tutorial Included.


Soft Focus 2 Photoshop Action – Fill in the subject with color and hit PLAY!


Cell Shader Photoshop Action – Very easy to use – Open your image in Photoshop then hit Play, that simple.


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