Lost Manipulation Tutorial
Learn how to create a fantasy/beautiful manipulation scene. We will be mainly focusing on, adding images to our main project, blending them in cleanly, adding shadows, gradients, colors and much more. For the final step we’ll just into the camera raw filter and add a few little touches for our […]

Lost! Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Foggy Night Manipulation
In this Photo manipulation tutorial, we will learn how to create a foggy night setting by blending multiply images together. Our main focus will be adding the model to several different landscape settings, adding realistic shadows, creating catchy light sources, and then adding adjustment gradient layers to really make the […]

Photo Manipulation Tutorial ( Foggy Night )

Light burst text effect
Learn how to create an easy light burst text effect using your favorite font. We mainly will be focusing on the Blending Options to give the text a really nice clean look and feel. Then we will be applying the light burst effect. I will also add a star background […]

Light Burst Text Effect In Photoshop

dark rainy night manipulation
In this Photoshop manipulation tutorial we will learn how to create a dark rainy night. We will be turning day into night, adding rain, cutting out images and adding them to our main background. Then we will be creating some gradients, for the final step we will use the camera […]

Dark Rainy Night: Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Disintegration Effect In Photoshop
In today‚Äôs step by step Photoshop tutorial. We will be learning how to create a Disintegration Effect In Photoshop. We will be focusing on adding the disintegration effect by using particle Photoshop brushes, Masks and the Liquify tool. We also we will adding a cracked texture and blending/warping it to […]

Create A Disintegration Effect In Photoshop

Neon text effect photoshop
Learn how to create a realistic neon text effect in Photoshop. In this episode we will be focusing on. Adding a brick wall background. Then darkening it up to make it look as if it was night. Then applying a neon font. Creating a neon glow to the font. Then […]

Create a realistic NEON text effect in Photoshop